Grand Strand Church of Christ

Surfside Beach, SC


November 27, 2020:


  • Crisi Martin – still experiencing periods of excruciating pain
  • Lisa Koffler – biopsy results showed that acid has caused erosion to her stomach, esophagus and tubing; treatment includes diet changes and medication
  • Sheldia Sizemore – recurring back pain and burning and swallowing issues; also her husband Danny with back and severe knee problems
  • Scott Atkinson – has developed shingles behind an ear
  • Lisa Meadows – has temporarily relocated due to an outbreak of Covid at her residence
  • Bill Flickinger – has an infected toe and is on antibiotics and wearing a boot
  • Remember family members with continuing health concerns: John Reed, Fred Ady, Kylee Lemmons, Joe Garcia, Beverly Foreman, Yvonne Rohr, Madeline Davidock, Pat Parks, Doris Amos, Joe Camp, Louise Warren, Adam Archambault, Debbie Jackson, Linda P. Cox, Crisi Martin, Dick Spangler, Leanna Phillips, and Sybille Sprang

ATTENDANCE:  Attendance 11/22: 117 at the building; 65 checked in online live.

CONTRIBUTION:  For the week ending 11/22/20:

  • $6390.50    Cash & Checks
  • $  136.00    Facebook
  • $  370.00 Venmo
  • $6896.50    Total
  • $6757.00 Weekly average
  • $6700.00 Weekly budget