This section is designed to answer questions for those visiting with us; whether you are a local or someone who is enjoying a vacation at the beach.  This page will always be under construction as we try to answer questions raised to us by those in search of a place to worship.  As such, you may want to check back on occasion to see if anything new has been added.

What style of music do you use in worship?

As a “Church of Christ”, we exclusively use acapella congregational singing in our worship to the Lord.  We do however use short projected videos on occasion to assist in the message of the day.  In some of these videos there may be instrumental background music.

Are there gender roles in the worship service?

Our 9:00am worship service follows the traditional Church of Christ all male leadership model .

Our 10:30 am service and our online service utilizes a Praise Team approach to song leadership.  This consists of 5 individuals, male and female singing the four parts of harmony as well as one male leader singing the melody line.  All other leadership is done by te men of the congregation.

Do you celebrate holidays such as Christmas or Easter?

In our worship service, we do not do anything special for holidays beyond tailoring the song service and message of the morning in a way that recognizes the spirit or meaning of the holiday.  We do provide fun activities for the children of the congregation outside the worship service, including “breakfast with Santa”, an Easter Egg/Candy hunt, “Trunk or Treat”, etc.

How are you governed?

The Church of Christ is a non-denominational church structure, as was the earliest form of Christ’s church. As such, each congregation is self-governed on all matters. Although there are many Churches of Christ, there is no governing relationship between them. The only guide used by the leadership of each congregation is the Bible. Each congregation is under the spiritual care and direction of its eldership. Deacons are a group of servants under the eldership’s direction who take care of day to day activities in the church.

Surfside Beach, SC