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South Strand Celebrate Recovery:

(Wister Basden,

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program that helps us deal with life’s “hurts, habits and hang-ups.” Our purpose is to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the 8 Recovery Principles found in the Beatitudes and the Christ-centered 12 Steps as we become willing to accept God’s grace in solving our life problems.

Celebrate Recovery is for anyone who has a Hurt, Habit or Hang-up. It is not restricted to people struggling with an addiction. We all have issues that may be interfering with our fellowship with God and others. Therefore, we all qualify! Join us here at South Strand Celebrate Recovery as we pursue real life in Jesus Christ and celebrate the recovery only He can bring through His people and His Word.

Mondays: Dinner at 5:30, Large Group at 6:30, Open Share at 7:30, and Solid Rock Cafe at 8:00

With permission from the corporate governing body, we have modified the Celebrate Recovery teachings to match those professed by the Church of Christ.

Surfside Beach, SC