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Hi!  Some people call me “preacher” or “pastor”, but I’d prefer it if you just called me “Jay.”  I’m just a guy who has been rescued by the grace of God.  When I was 18 I felt this burden to preach, so I changed my college plans and headed to a place that could prepare me for that mission.  I have served two churches since graduation, but I still don’t think of myself as a preacher.  I’m just a Christian who wants to help people who are on the wrong road to eternity.

I have served as a minister with the Grand Strand Church of Christ since August of 2002.  This church has always treated me far better than I deserved and given me a great opportunity to serve people.  The church is composed of individuals from “all over.”  For the time we have together, we want to enjoy each others company and to help as many people as possible in the name of Jesus.

Contact us on the web, come visit our church, or stop by to meet me in person.  I’m the worst sinner I know.  No one leaves my presence with me thinking that I am better than him or her.  I’d love to be able to help you to find the healing I have found in Jesus!

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Hey guys! My name is Blake Lawson. As the Youth and Family minister at Grand Strand, my goal is to provide an environment that promotes growth in the spiritual lives of students. Not stopping at the kids, I believe that it takes a village to raise a child with “sticky faith,” meaning that both parents and I work together to better serve the next generation of believers.

I felt God call me to ministry when I was a sophomore at Harding University.  I just wasn’t sure what area of ministry He was calling me to. After some experiences in all types, I felt that God wanted me to go into youth ministry. Grand Strand Church of Christ hired their first full time youth minister in January of 2017. Their first happened to be my first position too! With all the support in the world and the cool guy above me, we believe that God has some neat things in store for Grand Strand.

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